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Windows on a computer have become so widespread that it is difficult to find one without it.

Compared to other operating systems, Windows OS’s Graphical User Interface makes its functions much easier. You do not need to have computer experience to use this operating system. It is easy for beginners to use this operating system. Most windows versions’ functions don’t differ much from one another. The functions are almost the same except for some visual changes.

Because of this, windows users do not consider switching operating systems because it does not have much impact on them when they migrate from one to another. The windows success is also attributed to its wide range of compatibility with software. If you find a software program on the internet, it will most likely work with Windows. You can find various video player applications, browser applications, photo editing applications, and video editing applications.

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In addition to the Microsoft Office suite, several other popular tools are available exclusively for Windows OS. This tool can’t be used on any other OS and is specifically designed for the Windows working environment. As soon as a new device is launched, most hardware manufacturers come up with Windows OS support. Windows OS’s immense popularity makes it impossible for hardware manufacturers to ignore it.

If you buy a computer at a store, it is most likely compatible with the Windows operating system. As long as the appropriate drivers are installed, Windows instantly recognizes hardware components when plugged in. The device driver allows the operating system to communicate with the hardware component. Without the drivers, the hardware component won’t work at all.